About me

After approximately 19 years in the customer service industry, spanning retail and support services, it was time for me to make a change. South Africa is a delicously bubbling pot of wonderful opportunities and so I decided to embrace my passion for customer service in a completely different way - by combining it with my love of gift giving. My first gift wrapping lessons were given to me at the age of 20 by an absolute master who could turn a simple box into a fantastical confection of ribbons and bows! This further fired an already existing love for gift wrapping which, throughout many years, I have nurtured and slowly built into the dream of offering fellow South Africans an option of turning a thoughtful gift, into a gorgeous, "Oh! It looks too pretty to open" gift!

Wrap for You is about providing innovative and creative wrapping concepts for people and companies, who love to present a beautifully wrapped gift!