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There is nothing more rewarding than receiving a Thank You note or a Compliment from a happy Wrapper whose just completed a Wrap for You course!  I really cherish these and as I have a lovely collection of them now, I thought I would dedicate a page, just to the wonderful Thank You notes that I've received:

Wrap for You ~ Alternative Gift Wrapping Course 27th April 2013

Dear Ingrid

I just had to write to tell you how grateful and proud I am for attending Wrap for You. This luxury gift wrapping course was so worth it!
Since the courses, every occasion I wrap a gift, I am reminded that 'there are no limits to gift wrapping' - Ingrid Burton.
My greatest thanks to my teacher whose expertise and variety of techniques makes me want to wrap every thing in sight :).
Its not every day you learn the art of transforming something so simple, into a real work of art, a hobby for life.
The huge success of the courses is definitely attributed to your warm, fun, and approachable nature. You made everything look so easy and your skills and love for gift wrapping certainly makes me more enthusiastic about wrapping. I actually see the beauty in brown paper these days. I guess, an important thing is knowing how to use things @ your disposal to make it your own creation.
Thank you so much for the magnificent opportunity!
I wish you all the best!
P.S I absolutely love the tissue paper bow and wine bottle technique, I've even tried the sack method and awkward gift and still can't believe how much I've learnt in a small space of time. That's thanks to u.
Kind Regards
Ms Vanishree


Just some feedback on Ingrid's new wrapping course.  I was fortunate enough to be one of the first people to do the new course and once again I can only sing her praises!! The course itself is magic, and if you think you know it all already, believe me "you don't".  Once again I learnt some new tricks of the trade and had a bit of a refresher on things I'd forgotten.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and recommend it to all!!  
~ Debbie Mather (Johannesburg)


"Very well organised and a lovely learning experience. I was so impressed that I learned so much in just 4,5 hrs. It was a hands on experience and not a look and learn. Will definitely be attending the Advanced course."
~ Amina Haffajee, Durban North

"I so enjoyed your course on Saturday and can't wait to start wrapping gifts! Thank you for your patience! Once again, thank you for making Saturday an occasion to remember."
~ Cheryl Jacobs

"My friend got my present and flipped over the wrapping and another friend wants to buy some of the gift wrap. Was so impressed! Must say, I came home and wanted to wrap everything I could find. Very unusual for me!"
~ Debbie Becker


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