Sunday, 5 June 2011

Looking back...

So my very first I ♥  Market is now just a memory! And what a great one it is!  I had a ball chatting with so many interesting people and found it facinating watching how my concept was perceived.  Offering a Gift Wrap Service to the general public, outside of Christmas, is something most South Africans are not familiar with.  Sure, we know we can go to large retailers and some small little shops and we'll get a wrap, but, and that's a confident BUT, nowhere near as detailed and beautifully wrapped as you'll get from Wrap for You!

One lady commented: "oooooh, it's like the way they do it in Italy!".  ...I'd like to think I have my own unique look and feel but YES! It's about time we introduced some European flair into our gifting.

Whilst I had great fun wrapping and coming up with on-the-spot creativity...nothing like a bit of a challenge for yourself... I was amazed at how well my ribbons sold.  South Africa's ribbon selection is unfortunately, not very inspiring, so the shoppers went mad for some of the more detailed imported ribbons I am stocking. There are a few lessons learnt for to roll up 5m of Gift Wrap. Not the easiest when you're measuring at the same time, and that I need some larger bags as I wasn't counting on selling 5m of ribbon at a time either.  But I am SO delighted that the feedback was so positive and for the next market on the 2nd July...yes! I'm going back! AND... I'll have a few new ribbons in stock to inspire you.

The request for Gift Wrap Courses was overwhelming so I have decided to buckle down and get my course notes 'wrapped up' as soon as I can so that I can get courses up and running.  Please email me at if you'd like to put your name down on a waiting list for courses and I'll keep you up-dated.  In all likelihood, I will offer a short 'Introduction to Gift Wrapping' for Book Clubs which will last around 2 hours, and then a half day course for more detailed wrapping.

To those of you who managed to pop around to the Market to say 'Hi' and buy a few ribbons, a very BIG Thank You to you. It really is appreciated and was so wonderful to see, and meet, you.

Until next time... :-)

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