Friday, 8 July 2011

A Zululand Flair

Once before I've chatted about using your garden for inspiration and being a Zululander at heart, I couldn't resist bragging about our gorgeous Aloe's which many of you "locals", would have noticed in bloom at the moment.  Bright, vibrant spears of colour as they flourish along the sides of the Motorway, in beautiful indigenous gardens and in our landscaped Municipal gardens.  This year, there appears to be an abundance of different flowering Aloe blooms that I haven't noticed before. It could be our weather conditions which are favourable for these gorgeous blooms, so I am in heaven!

Being proud of all things South African, including an African flair in your gift wrapping is nearly always exclaimed over.  Whilst most of us are tired of the pictures of statuesque African women carrying pots on their heads, the use of our beautiful indigenous blooms is not only something gorgeous to behold, but allows us to become extremely creative in our use of colour in both wrap and ribbons.

If you have a half decent camera at home, photograph some of these Aloe blooms, or print some pretty pictures off the internet and use them to make lovely local cards or labels to adorn your gifts.  And top with a lavish bow and some African beads dangling off the ends.

Happy Gardening!!

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