Friday, 8 April 2011

It's all in the details...

Some of you may recognise these pics from my Facebook page.  They are a sample of some of the ribbons I currently have in stock.  With the right selection of ribbons and accessories, you can turn a simple gift wrap into something quite impressive.  The most complex part is deciding which coloured ribbon to combine with which gift wrap!  I sell all these ribbons by the metre if you find that you're rather limited with your local selection.

I combined the wired red/orange/yellow squared ribbon with some orange saddlestitch for something bright and bold. I couldn't resist adding one of my new handmade gift tags just to satisfy the rebel in me!

I came across the quote below which I took from a story someone had written about how the birth of Jesus would have gone, if the Three Wise Men had wrapped their gifts. It really made me chuckle, I guess it sums up quite clearly, the difference between the female and male view of the necessity of gift wrapping...
"And lo, the gifts were inside 600 square cubits of paper. And the paper was festooned with pictures of Frosty the Snowman. And Joseph was going to throweth it away, but Mary saideth unto him, she saideth, 'Holdeth it! That is nice paper! Saveth it for next year!' And Joseph did rolleth his eyeballs. And the baby Jesus was more interested in the paper than the frankincense."

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