Tuesday, 27 September 2011

So you don't have tons of ribbons?

If you don't have much space around the house to store tons and tons of ribbons, don't worry, there's a solution for every kind of gift wrap adventure.  I've had so much fun thinking 'out of the box' by incorporating pleating into my gift wrapping.  It creates that WOW factor and leaves people scratching their heads, wondering how on earth you did it!  It's really not that hard to do when you know how and as an alternative to ribbons, it can be just as effective.

Here's a pic you might have seen before and it demonstrates the Tuxedo Pleat:

The Tuxedo pleat involves a series of pleating on either side with a flat band in the centre.  You can do the pleating in a different colour paper and that will eliminate your need for ribbon!

The next picture is of a 3-Fold Pleat. I love the look of this pleat as it allows a little space on the side for a small gift tag or to attach just a little something special to the gift.  You unfortunately can't create this pleat in a different paper without a load of fussing and sticking and afterall, plain is often better.

Finally, a variation of the Tuxedo pleat and my favourite Gift Voucher solution.  Something so simple and yet so eye catching!

If you want to learn how to create these wonderful Gift Wrap pleats, I am offering one-on-one gift wrapping classes. R550,00 for 4 hours (including gift wrap and accessories) and this class includes how to wrap bottles, round tins, pleating, the Awkward Gift and standard wrapping tips and tricks.  Don't forget that it's Christmas around the corner, you can add some pizzazz to your personal or corporate gift wrapping this year.  Just inbox me with your request!

I won't be at the I Heart Market this month as it's my oldest daughters birthday, but I'll see you there in November at the Moses Mabhida Stadium.  Until then, happy wrapping!


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