Thursday, 20 October 2011

Gift Wrapping shouldn't be daunting...

It was with much excitement that I noticed the latest issue of 'ideas' magazine advertises 'WRAPPED WITH LOVE - tailor-made touches that will show them you care'.  Finally an SA mag is giving gift wrapping a bit of publicity.  However this issue left me feeling somewhat disappointed.

I think that the main problem is that I'm approaching gift wrapping from a completely different angle.

'ideas' is targetted at women who take an interest in learning how to creatively make things for themselves rather than purchase from retailers.  It has been my experience, that this type of lady has already experimented with gift wrapping techniques and, whilst she might benefit from a few pointers, doesn't really need the services of a company such as 'Wrap for You'.  As a result, the 'loads of ideas for creative presents' left me daunted and staring and thinking, wow, I would LOVE to try and tackle some of their projects but I just don't have enough hours in a day.

Whilst I can certainly give 'ideas' magazine quite a few additional pointers on how to spruce up the wrapping that they have included in the magazine, the objective of Wrap for You, in my eyes, is to be able to teach the unimaginative, the impatient, the busy, or the aspiring gift wrapper how to wrap something that they've quickly purchased at the store, in a rush, with the goodies that they already have at home, and to make the receiver of their gift "gasp" with joy.

To prove this point, I dug out a box I've been meaning to wrap for ages, with some pretty ribbon in it that I promised to a friend.  I found an old piece of tissue paper, some ribbon that I had salvaged off another gift and some left over wrapping paper on roll that I just love the colour of.  What you see below took me about 5 minutes to do, and that included taking the pictures! :-)  

 Standard gift wrapping goodies that most people have at home. Sticky Tape, Scissors, some salvaged tissue paper and ribbon.

 I gave the tissue paper 'new life' by scrunching it up and putting it into the bottom of the box.

 Using my latest Facebook gift wrap tip (look at, I cut the paper to size.  No wastage!

 Box wrapped in two ticks!

 Salvaged piece of ribbon.

I retied the bow, using the simplest of bow techniques, around a flower from the garden. Voila! 

Now anyone can do that!

I hope this post challenges you to tackle your next gift with wrapping paper and a little simple creativity.  Nothing daunting...just fun!

Until next time...

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