Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Wrapping Rooms...*bliss*

Every Gift Wrap Lovers DREAM!!

Whoever thought that gift wrapping was a dying trend, clearly hasn't sent that message through to America...thank goodness!!  Creative Gift Wrapping is HOT...HOT...HOT!!!

The latest trend in America is to design a Wrapping Room in your home...if you have the space obviously!  What a stunning idea!

Look at some of these Wrapping Rooms:

Candy Spelling, Tori Spellings estranged mother, has THREE Wrapping Rooms!!!

What stunningly functional rooms that are peaceful and conducive to creativity!

The center islands are designed at the perfect gift wrapping height! It's so much easier to stand when gift wrapping than it is to sit!  And with a little cubby hole for every wrapping essential, what more could you ever need!

Here is an interesting little article about Wrapping Rooms...

If, like myself, you don't happen to have the space for one of these gorgeous rooms of creativity, try standing at your Kitchen Island the next time you're wrapping gifts.  You'll find it SO much easier!

Happy dreaming everyone...

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